Are 6 Meals A Day Really Needed To Lose Weight?

Throughout my life is a fitness expert I’ve often been asked the question are six meals a day really needed in order to lose weight a lot of people just don’t have time to prepare six healthy meals and sit down and eat throughout the day this is been a big question for me and there’s numerous studies out there that prove  Venus Factor Diet  that six meals a venus factor day boost metabolism when the hunger and keep insulin under control.

This information is good however the implementation process for this is near impossible eating six meals a day while it may be helpful and beneficial often as takes too much venus factor reviews time in order to implement this:

Some recent research that I’ve been reading about this been proving that only eating one to two meals a day does more for metabolism and eating six meals this information shocks the fitness industry is been issued topic of debate for 2014.

The new term for this process is called intermittent fasting or IIFYM.  This is a process of only eating in a certain window during the daytime suck so you can let your body rest and your metabolism get faster overtime.

In the end six meals a day are worth it just the one big meal or two small meals make sure you’re getting enough calories and forget about the rest only thing that matters in weight-loss program is that you burn more calories then you eat that’s all that matters that’s all that is ever matter since the beginning of time.